Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Coming Back Home

Never regret. If it was good, then it was wonderful. If it was bad, then it was experience. Never regret. I just need to breathe again. A very deep breath, this time.

I feel fine, really. But I’m sorry for breaking your heart again, Mas. Hope we can find the silver lining of this cloud.

So I’m coming back home now: to refresh my flesh, to ignite my bones, and to give peace to my soul.

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Anonymous said...

Yang pasti,
lantai 19 ABDA nggak akan sama lagi, terutama bagiku.
Selamat ya mbak, semoga di Solo keinginan mbak dapat tercapai.
Keep in touch! n keep ym-an ;)

/* Watching the chain of cars on Sudirman while listening to Jdorama - Wish */